General Puppy Information
Our Great Dane Adults and Puppies are raised inside our home as family members in a clean, loving environment with the best medical and nutritional care that we can provide for
them.   We do our best to breed, raise, happy, healthy and loving puppies that will make wonderful conformation show champions, therapy/service dogs, performance dogs as well as
wonderful top quality companions.  Our Danes are family first and we do care about their future.

We do our very best to make sure all dogs/bitches that we breed or breed too have EXCELLENT TEMPERAMENTS and are healthy.  We do the following health tests with our Great
Dane: Hips, Eyes, Cardiac and TSH that is protocol with the Great Dane Club of America.  We also do a X-Ray of their Elbows, Chem & CBC Blood Panel before we breed them to
make sure of any health issues and the dogs that we breed too are also health tested.

We understand that health testing isn't a guarantee that a dog will be 100% healthy and never develop a health problem/issue.
Health testing a tool not a guarantee. Many things factor into good health other than genetics.
Please remember these are living, breathing animals so nothing is 100%.

Early learning is VERY important in a young dog's future.  The puppies are exposed to a variety of noises, textures, objects, moving objects including car rides, toys and smells inside
and outside of the home.  They are socialized with our other dogs, horses, cats, adults and children.  We make sure that we spend one on one time with each one of the puppies
daily.   All puppies are stacked and gone over several times a day including being touched on every part of their bodies. Our puppies are raised in the main part of our home and not
in a garage or a kennel building.  We have NEVER had any complaints about ANY of our puppies temperaments, they are very out going.

We require a $500.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit We only accept deposits from approved homes and start taking deposit when the puppies are about a week to 2 weeks old.
All deposits are non refundable except if a puppy becomes not available for some reason, then it will be refunded 100% or it can possibly be transferred to another litter.
If Buyer backs out of the puppy then NO REFUND will be granted.

Email or call for prices on puppies on each litter, price can change on color.  Generally our prices for a companion start at $2000.00
All show prospects are co-owned unless you are a proven show home
All companion puppies are co-owned or Breeders will retain papers until puppy is spayed/neutered.
If Co-owned once companion puppies are spayed/neutered Breeder will sign off of the AKC registration papers.

All Companion/Pet puppies will be placed on AKC limited registration with a Spay/Neuter contract.
We DO NOT sell puppies for just breeding purposes
We DO NOT sell to Back Yard Breeders, Puppy Mills or Pet Stores
So if you are one of the above it don't even bother because we will not sell you a puppy.
We do home checks and you must have references and have filled out our application.
**We will send in all AKC registration papers.**

ALL puppies will carry the Kennel name first and you must have approval to add your kennel name on to the puppy.
Normally we have themes picked for our litter so sometimes the puppies have already been given their AKC registered names.
Sometimes we will have a list for you to choose from that goes with our theme for that litter
We try to encourage people to name their puppy something that goes with their registered names
However it isn't a requirement and puppy buyers are free to pick any call name for their puppy.

All interested parties must fill out our application.
All approved homes must sign our contract that is legal and binding.
The contract includes our warranty, requirements on caring for your Dane, info on feeding, breeding
and showing, spay/neuter contract, general care and much more.

NO puppies leave before 8 weeks of age.
We do a several evaluations of the puppies. One at 4 weeks, 6 weeks and then another at 8 weeks.
At the 8 week evaluation there are either Judges, Professional Handlers or Champion Breeders there to give their opinions as well.
We may hold on to the top show prospects until 12 weeks if we feel it's necessary before making our choice/s
We breed for ourselves and to improve the Breed so we must be sure on what we will allow to be shown and/or bred

We prefer NOT ship puppies.
We like to meet all of our perspective puppy owners and would assume that you would want to meet us your Breeders,
see the Dam and possibly the sire along with any littermates or other family members.
If this is not an option due to location we can ship puppies, weather permitting.
Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs, the crate, the health certificate from the Vet and
$75.00 to deliver the puppy to the airport to cover the cost of gas and my time.  There is also the possibility of delivering the puppy to the buyer (not being shipped by air). Contact us
for pricing.

ALL show prospects are cropped and the ear cropping expense is added to the price of the puppy.
All Companion puppies remain natural eared.
If new owner would like their puppy cropped they must show proof of having taped ears before that have stood or willing to get help from an experienced person that can provide the
new owner(s) with lessons on the correct way of taping ears and the aftercare.
Breeder will have the puppy (companion) cropped and this will be an additional cost above the puppy price.
The puppy and cropping cost is to be PAID IN FULL prior to cropping.
New owners must understand the HUGE responsibly of taking care of cropped ears
to ensure they will stand. You or a Vet must remove and re-tape you puppy's ears on a weekly basis.
Please note that this could take anywhere from 4 months to 18 months.
*NO refunds or replacement puppies will be given if the puppy is cropped after leaving Dunn Right Ranch.

Vaccine protocols is a personal choice.  New owners may vaccinate their puppy as they choose and it depends on ones area also.
I recommend a Neopar vaccine for the first shot and then 2 NeoVac® DA2 provides protection against canine Distemper and Adenovirus Type 2, or 2 Duramune® Max 5, and a 2
Bronchi-Shield® III offers broad Canine Cough protection. Puppies will have at least one possibly 3 shots (depending how long they are with the Breeder), then we will give the Rabies
Vaccine at about 10 months to a year old.   At a year old we will give a booster vaccines for the 5 way and a Canine Kennel cough and then we only do shots here every other year or
sometimes longer, it depends on if there are any current outbreaks going around at the time and titer results.  We believe in minimal vaccines as they have found that it can cause
some health issues.

Your contract, AKC papers or a copy, Copies or links to pictures of both sire and dam via email, Health certificates for both sire and dam via email or link, Your puppy's pedigree via
email or link, Puppy pictures of your puppy via email or link, Ear taping information, A copy of your puppy's feeding, growth and sleeping schedule, General health information packet
on your Great Dane puppy, Showing information (show puppies only), Samples of food your puppy has been fed, A lifetime of Breeder support, I am available for my puppy people 24
hours a day 365 days a year.
Breeders Lifetime Support and Basic Health Care Info.
What is lifetime support from your breeder?  That means, I am available for my puppy people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anytime day or night for emergency call.  We are here
for our Puppies/Adults and their owners. If for some reason you can not get a hold of me,  for example, I may not have cell service at the time you call.  I will give you information and
numbers of people to call in my absent.  

There are several really good website out there that are great information tools to help guide you with your puppy and adult Dane.  The first one that I find very helpful is the Great
Dane lady's website.  She is a Canine Nutritional Consultant and the website is, Dr Karen Becker also has a lot of good information on canine health at  I also use Revival Animal Health care center, they have a really good learning center in their website also.

What to feed a Dane I try to feed the same guidelines that the Great Dane Lady recommends, I feed Nutrisource here.  I have had really good luck with this kibble and can food that I
feed my Danes. I feed also feed RAW Chicken and Turkey Necks, they get several a week.  NEVER FEED COOKED BONES. They also get some fresh elk and deer at times too.

There are many great dry kibbles out there with good review, I try to stay away from food that have had recalls.  Check the dog food advisor website for current reviews on dog food.  I
have tried several different foods in the past, you have to go with something that works for you and your Danes.

I supplement my Danes with several different supplements daily, depends on their needs and age.  The main one that everyone gets daily is Probiotic/Digestive Enzymes twice a day.  
Go to my links page to find the link under supplements.

We have spend hours doing pedigree research to make such that we are making the right breeding choices for our dogs or bitches to ensure excellent conformation and breed
quality, good sound health and to keep excellent TEMPERAMENTS in our lines.  Great Danes are to big and strong to have a questionable temperaments.

I send out a lot of good information on health care, nutrition and training tools with my puppies to there new puppy owners.  Our goal is to make sure that each puppy is happy and
loved and well taken care of in their forever home their whole life.  If for any reason someone can not keep one of our Danes whether it was born here or Sire by a male that we own.  
We will take the puppy or Dane back to ensure that they are safe and healthy. We understand that people's lives do change and in a personal crisis whether it is due to a death,
illness, a divorce, a job lost or some other reason.  We want to ensure that one of our Danes does not end up in a bad situation or in a rescue.  We have even helped people with
their Dane that they could no longer keep find a loving forever home that were not even bred by us or sired by us.  Our goal is to make sure that this breed is Happy and in a safe
place for a lifetime.

We do not have puppies available very often as we breed Great Danes for ourselves for the show ring.  We can refer you to a honest reputable breeder.
If you are looking at one of our current litter or up and coming litter.  Please understand that we
breed for ourselves first for the show ring and to be able too produce our next champion.  We pick
our show prospect puppy first and then the companions will be available to pick from.  We evaluate
puppies multiple times at 5 weeks and again at 8 weeks old to make our choice. Sometimes picking
the next show prospect can be really hard at times and thank you for understanding.