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How did you hear about Dunn Right Ranch Danes?
Do you currently own any pets or livestock, if so tell me about them.  Are the current pets spayed or neutered?
What kind of fence do you have for a dog?
Do you have a Pool or Spa?
What are you looking for?
What sex do you want?
What color are you looking for?
Did you want the ears to be
Have you ever taped ears before?
Have you shown a dog before?
If so, what type of showing, any championships or titles and how long ago?  
Do you plan to breed the puppy in the future?  If so, please explain your plans.
Are you willing to Co-own a puppy?
Which puppy or litter are you inquiring about?
Do you own a Great Dane currently or have you in the past?
If so, tell me about them and who you purchased them from.
Why are you choosing a Great Dane?
Who will be the main caretaker of the puppy?
Where will the puppy sleep at night and during the day?
How many hours a day will the puppy be home alone and if is home alone were will the puppy stay.
Will you be crate training the puppy?
Will you be training the puppy yourself or taking the puppy to obedience or conformation classes?
Do you have any Nutritional Knowledge and Guidelines on feeding a Great Dane Puppy and an Adult Great Dane to help
keep them sound and healthy?  If so, please explain your feeding program.
What type of exercise will the Great Dane Puppy and as an Adult Dane be getting?
Are you aware of how much it can cost in caring for a Great Dane with food and vet health care and do you have the
financial means to take care of a major medical emergency.
Have you ever had to get rid of a dog before or had to return it back to the breeder?   If so, why and where did the dog go.
If my life changes for some reason and I have to re-home my dog/puppy, I am willing to return the Dog/Puppy back to Dunn Right
If you have a Great Dane now or have had a Great Dane in the past are you in contact with the dog's breeder.
If you have owned a Great Dane now or in the past, may I contact your breeder?  If so, please send me the breeder
name and phone number.
Personal References 1 (Name and Phone Number)
Personal References 2 (Name and Phone Number)
Veterinarian (Name, Address and Phone Number)
Are you okay, with a home visit from the one of the breeder(s) or an associate of the breeder(s)?  
Thank you for taking the  time to fill out our puppy application forms. The future of our Great Danes is very important
to us.  They are like our kids and we want the very best for them.  We will be in touch with you very soon.  Thank you
for your time.  

Your personal information is Confidential and will not be given out unless you give us permission to do so.