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Home of the Natural Tennessee Walking Horses, Colored Tb Draft Sport
Horses & Show Quality Great Danes
We specialize in the Show/Pleasure Tennessee Walking Horses with a Natural Way of going in movement, Colored Tb Draft Sport
Horses and Show Quality Great Danes in Black, Fawn, Mantle, Harlequin and Merle.

Dunn Right Ranch Great Danes (DRR) was founded in 2004.  I grew up showing Tennessee Walking Horses, Racking Horses,
Saddlebreds and Akitas.  As a youth I would always find myself at the Great Dane ring.  In early 2004, I purchased my first black
Great Dane.  She was out of the old Meistersinger Harlequin bloodlines.  We own and have bred Blacks, Fawns, Mantles,
Harlequins and Merles. We strive to produce healthy Great Danes with sound structure, correct conformation and outstanding
temperaments with Champion bred pedigrees. Our Great Danes excel at showing in the Conformation and Performance rings and
make wonderful family companions. We breed very selectively for the show and performance ring, we may only have one litter
per year or every other year. Our Great Danes are OFA health tested, color tested and have to pass a complete breeding physical
by a veterinarian before we do any breeding on them.  Please check with us if we do not have what you are looking for, we may
be able to refer you to another reputable show breeder.  We welcome newcomers to the breed and love to mentor if you need

DRR formly known as Natural Way Walkers has been involved with showing, training and breeding Tennessee Walking Horses the
natural way since 1977. Our Tennessee Walking Horses are Sired by World Grand Champions and World Champions including The
Skywatch (WCH), Pride's Jubilee Star (WGC), Generator's Santana (WGC) and He's Puttin' On The Ritz (WGC).  We try to produce
the natural moving lite-shod Tennessee Walking Horses that does the correct Flat walk, Running walk and canter for show or
trail.  Our TWH Stallion Sky is a direct son of The Skywatch.  Sky is a black sabino his registered name is The Skywatch Is Loose.  
Sky has been barefoot his whole life and he is all natural with a big over stride and a lot of natural reach in the front.   You can go
to Our Horses page to see more information on the pedigrees and history on our TWH.

We have been involved with Thoroughbreds since 1989 as we have used them in Dressage, Endurance Racing and Trail Riding.  
We have always loved the Thoroughbred heart and desire to please. We have a Registered Framed Overo Thoroughbred Sport
Horse Stallion (Paying Forward) that we are using to produce Tb Draft Sport Horses.  We have several well bred Clydesdale
Mares and a Friesian/Walker Mare.  See Our Horses and Current foal page for more information on what we have up and coming
in our breeding program with the Feathered Horses.  

Our main goal in our breeding program is to breed for ourselves first, for the show ring in both our Great Danes and Horses.  
There is a lot of planning in research in pedigrees, structure, health, soundness, movement, color, temperament and longevity
that goes into planning a good breeding.  Our Puppies and/or Foals are very limited each year, as we breed Quality Not Quantity.  
We health test our Great Dane using the guidelines from The Great Dane Club of America, the OFA tests include: Hips, Eyes,
Thyroid and Heart.  We also do OFA elbows, Chem, CBC, Brucellosis blood work, Urine and we DNA color test also.  Our  Horses
they have a health exam, cultured and we DNA color test them also before any breedings will happen.   In order for the horses to
be registered we have to do DNA Parentage Verification.   We also DO NOT rehome our Danes or our Seniors in the Horses or
Dogs, they are with us to the end.
We are members of the following Clubs or our fur kids are Registered with the following Associations:

Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association
Northwest Gaited Horse Association
Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A.
Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International
The Jockey Club
Great Dane Club of Western Washington
Inland Northwest Great Dane Club
American Kennel Club
Canadian Kennel Club
United Kennel Club
International All Breed Canine Association
Dunn Right Ranch is the home of Modern Ironworks and Pets Dunn Right.  So we are on the property full time with our horses and Great Danes to provide them
with the best full care we can.  We have 12 stalls, 3 round pens, hot walker and 70' x 160' riding arena (70' x 120' is a Cover-All building with an open end and 40' of
it will be Outside). Coming soon.

DRR is located just 12 miles North of Bonners Ferry, Idaho and about 20 miles South of Canada. The Ranch is located between the beautiful Selkirk and Purcell
Mountains of Northern Idaho. We have unlimited trail riding in the Kaniksu National Forest which is just behind our property.  We are right across the highway
from the Famous Selkirk Mountain Mule & Elk Ranch.
Our Great Danes are OFA Health Tested
Good Nutrition and Health Care is so important to us and the care of our fur kids, we are always taking classes here at
We are members and have passed the requirements for the following programs