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We specialize in the Pleasure Tennessee Walking Horses with a Natural Way of going, Colored Thoroughbred Sport
Horses and Color Pure Great Danes in Black, Harlequin and Mantle.  
Dunn Right Ranch is the Home of Modern Ironworks and Pets Dunn Right.  See us on our Etsy Store and on Website.   We
are located just across the Hwy from the Selkirk Mountain Mules and Elk Ranch in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  

We are currently adding a store to the website, so you can purchase Dog feeders, Antler Chews, Beds and More.  Coming soon within the next

Oct 2014-Gus, Roxie and Pickles won the Best in Show Family Group at the October IABCA Evergreen Show Autumn Sieger Show in a large class.  Gus goes Reserve
Best in Show GOLD CUP, Best in Show Veteran, Reserve Best in Show Veteran and 1 Best of Breed.  Pandora won 3 Best of Breeds and 2 Group 2nd.  Pickles won 4
Bred by Best of Breeds, 3 Group 2nd and 1 Group 3rd.  Pandora is Pointed in Canada and working on her Grand Championship for AKC.

6/28/14--Pandora has finished her UKC Grand Championship at the UKC Wa Classic.  She came home with 4 Best of Breed wins, a Group 1, 2 Group 2nd, and a
Group 4th.  She is currently the Number 1 Great Dane for UKC and Gus is Currently the number 2 Great Dane with showing in only 2 shows due to being retired
from showing.

6/24/14--Pandora has finished her AKC Championship with a 3 Point Major in Missoula, Mt.

5/26/14--Pandora goes Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a 4 Point Major, Handled by Danna Paine and Georgia Hymmen.
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